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As far as the current situation is concerned, "Internet plus" is still in the primary stage, a theoretical stage that is being talked about but not implemented. Various fields will do some demonstration and exploration on "Internet plus", but most businesses will still be in the wait-and-see stage.

From the exploration and practice level, the Internet business is better than traditional enterprise initiative, after all these businesses from the beginning with the birth of "Internet +" to change more, they have enough experience, you can copy to explore other areas of the reform experience of the model, and then more areas constantly fusion, continue to expand their ecology.

Internet + is really difficult to transform those very traditional industries, but this does not mean that traditional enterprises do not try to make the Internet. In the past few years, many traditional enterprises have begun to try the internet-based marketing, mostly by means of B2B, B2C and other e-commerce platforms to achieve the expansion of network channels.

More offline enterprises still stay in the stage of information promotion and publicity, and even cannot, dare not or cannot try online transaction marketing, because they cannot find appropriate solutions to solve the conflict between offline channels and online channels. Still others have built their own malls, but not too many have succeeded. However, self-created brands, clothing and snacks sold through e-commerce platforms and other businesses have found a way to e-commerce.

In contrast to traditional enterprises, more and more projects are integrated with the Internet under the normal conditions of the current era of "national entrepreneurship". These projects have been in the form of "Internet plus" since their birth, so they do not need to transform and upgrade like traditional enterprises.

"Internet +" is to promote the birth of more Internet entrepreneurship projects, so as to eliminate the need to spend manpower, material resources and financial resources to research and implement industry transformation. It can be said that in every social and business stage, there is a normal state and development trend. Before "Internet +" was proposed, the normal state was the background of transformation and upgrading of tens of millions of enterprises, while the development trend behind was the outbreak of a large number of "Internet +" models and the "breaking and breaking" of traditional enterprises.