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Cloud parking

RiHong cloud parking is one of the main application system of cloud platform wisdom and the network technology, the license plate recognition technology, combined with the cloud, big data management and mobile payment technologies out of local vehicle admission information timely interaction the cloud computing, computing results or payment information back to the local cloud controller, timely for vehicle in and out of the implementation of release, stop and corresponding operation instructions. The cloud platform and the cloud controller at the local entrance and exit shall carry out data interaction and command operation at the right time, and synchronize voice broadcast, information display and gateway device opening. The whole process is unsupervised, the administrator registers or deletes the license plate through the mobile terminal, the monthly card user sweeps the code to delay, the card user sweeps the code to pay, the preferential free user sweeps the code to input the license plate information, and the unlicensed vehicle sweeps the code to enter and exit according to the guidelines. The biggest feature of cloud parking and traditional parking is that there is no need to manage the computer at the local end. By registering, deleting and checking the permission and recording information of the vehicle at the mobile end, the installation, debugging and daily management are greatly simplified, which makes the operation and maintenance of the inlet and outlet equipment very simple.

RiHong cloud parking application characteristics:

1. cloud parking adopts ali cloud professional server, stable performance and safe payment

2. The cloud adopts independent module management for each project, with reliable performance and stable speed

3. Operation management is completely unmanned to maximize management benefits and values

4. The cloud controller automatically synchronizes voice broadcast, information display and device status display

5. The administrator can register and delete the license plate of monthly card and free card remotely through the mobile terminal

6, monthly card users scan code to pay the extension fee after the automatic extension

7, the card user scan code to pay parking fees after the automatic opening of the gate

8, preferential and free users scan the administrator provided by the two-dimensional code input license plate directly exempted

9. Unlicensed vehicles shall scan the code to enter and exit by themselves according to the system guidance

10. equipment installation, debugging, daily management and maintenance are simple