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Cloud parking

Rihong Cloud Parking is one of the main application systems of the smart cloud platform. It adopts network technology, license plate recognition technology, cloud application big data management and mobile payment technology to timely exchange the local vehicle entry information, and the smart cloud parking platform calculates and processes the calculation results or payment information to timely send back to the local cloud controller. Implement release, ban and corresponding operation guidelines for vehicles entering and leaving. The intelligent cloud parking platform and the cloud controller at the local entrance and exit timely conduct data interaction and command operation, and synchronize voice broadcast, information display and opening of the gate equipment. The whole process is completely unattended. The administrator registers or deletes the license plate through the mobile terminal. Monthly card users scan the code for delay, temporary card users scan the code for payment, preferential free users scan the code to input license plate information, and unlicensed vehicles scan the code for entry and exit according to the guidelines. The biggest characteristic of cloud parking and traditional parking is that the local end does not need to manage the computer, through the mobile end to register, delete, view the permissions of the vehicle and record information, greatly simplifies the installation, debugging and daily management, so that the operation and maintenance of the entrance and exit equipment becomes very simple.

Rihong Cloud parking application features:

1. Smart cloud parking platform adopts Aliyun professional server with stable performance and payment security

2. Smart cloud parking platform adopts independent module management for each project, with reliable performance and stable speed

3.  operation and management fully realize unmanned, maximize the management efficiency and value

4. Cloud controller automatically synchronizes voice broadcast, information display and device status display

5. The administrator can register and delete the license plate of monthly card and free card remotely through the mobile terminal

6. Monthly card users will automatically extend after scanning the code and paying the extension fee

7. The parking gate will open automatically after the user scans the code and pays the parking fee

8.  preferential and free users scan the administrator to provide a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code input license plate direct reduction

9. Unlicensed vehicles scan codes to enter and exit according to system guidelines

10. The installation, debugging and daily management and maintenance of the equipment are simple