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The cloud consumer

Rihong cloud consumption is one of the main application system of cloud platform wisdom and use the cloud software technology, network technology and information technology will WeChat, alipay and unionpay to develop a variety of commonly used method of payment, the various consumer scenario generation collection qr code scanning by the user code after confirm payment submitted to wisdom cloud computing consumption platform, The calculation results or payment information of the program will be sent back to the user and the local cloud controller in time, and the voice broadcast and information display will be synchronized, and the qr code with access permission information will be generated. The cloud controller and channel gate will work together to automatically recognize the consumption pattern in the qr code and check the consumption times to achieve automatic release or ban. Cloud consumption has time and timing consumption mode, according to the consumption mode set by the administrator to automatically match various consumption scenarios, cloud consumption is widely used in open management of park attractions, dining halls, fitness centers, natatorium, reading rooms, libraries, club management, water control consumption and vending machines and other occasions.

Rihong Cloud consumption application features:

1. Smart cloud consumption platform adopts Aliyun professional server with stable performance and payment security

2.  the smart cloud consumption platform adopts independent modules to provide services for different businesses to eliminate accounting chaos

3. operation and management fully realize unmanned, maximize the management efficiency and value

4. The payment amount is directly to the merchant's account, and the merchant need not worry about capital risk

5. Develop personalized payment scenarios and adapt to various payment environments

6. Consumption mode and consumption standard are completely set by the administrator

7. The cloud detects the state of the cloud controller and controls the payment process

8.  the time consumption mode has interlock identification, to prevent missing memory

9.  the timing consumption mode has accurate time calculation function

10. Cloud consumption can work with channel gate or access control to adapt to various consumption scenarios