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Cloud entrance guard

Day hon cloud access control is one of the main application system of cloud platform wisdom and the network technology, qr code information technology, face recognition technology, mobile applications, authentication, sweep the code to open the door, the visitor invitation, visitors to make an appointment, face acquisition function deployment to the cloud platform, users or visitors through a mobile terminal to submit corresponding after operation, the cloud operation program identify the results after permission synchronized back to the user, visitors and local cloud controller, synchronous speech and information display, and generate a qr code of traffic permission information, The cloud controller works in cooperation with the gate or door lock to automatically identify the qr code permission information of the passage and realize automatic release or prohibition. Cloud access control and face recognition instrument are used in combination. Fixed users brush their faces to pass, and visitors use code scanning to verify their passage. Cloud access control is suitable for all kinds of smart residential areas, smart parks and business centers that are strictly managed or unattended. It is very suitable for enterprises and public institutions or government affairs centers that need to make an appointment or invite foreign personnel.

Rihongyun Access control Application features:

I. Cloud access control adopts Ali cloud professional server with stable performance and information security

2. The cloud adopts independent module management for each project, with reliable performance and stable speed

3. Face information Users can register by themselves and swipe their faces to pass after registration

4. Cloud access control is bound to mobile phone authentication, strict authority management and guaranteed security

5. The qr code has the functions of encryption and invalidation, and becomes invalid after expiration

6. Cloud access control and access control work together to adapt to various occasions

7. Invitation function: the user submits the visitor information through the mobile terminal for automatic confirmation

8. The reservation function shall be submitted by the visitors through the mobile terminal, and only be approved by the administrator

9. The cloud controller adopts international standard interface and is compatible with IC card, ID card, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, biometric identification and other front-end devices

10. The cloud controller can choose to work online or offline according to the on-site working environment