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Cloud controller

Cloud controller is hong of latest science and technology research and development, using the latest 32-bit ARM processor architecture, advanced network technology, communication technology, the qr code identification technology, RFID, speaking, reading and writing data and synthetic speech application technology at an organic whole, cloud in real time and intelligence control platform, mobile payment platform, mobile client information interaction, And the results of the interaction will be timely synchronous voice broadcast, information display, counting or timing output switch signal, so as to reach the scan code to open the gate, scan code to open the door, scan code by ladder, scan code consumption and other functions. The cloud controller can not only directly exchange information with the intelligent cloud control platform, but also function configuration and application management as the terminal device of the local intelligent platform, and remote control and management as the remote device of the mobile client. The function of cloud controller can meet the functional requirements of intelligent community, intelligent park, intelligent building, such as vehicle management, personnel management, consumption management and other systems. The product is suitable for intelligent community, intelligent park, commercial center, government agencies, factories, mines, schools, parks and scenic spots.

Technical parameters of cloud controller (RH901)

Machine size 136mm*136mm*32mm

Shape material rectangular plastic shell

Operating voltage 12V/1000mA

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Main processor 32-bit ARM processor

Communication mode TCP/IP and 485 dual communication mode

Speech output High fidelity synthetic speech output

Display output Indicates the RS485 output

Switch interface timing or times output switch signal

Function features of cloud controller (RH901)

Smart platform supports smart cloud control platform services, mobile payment applications, and mobile client applications

Parking payment Payment successful free access to parking space

Scan code take elevator authentication legal automatically open the elevator to reach the floor

Scan the code to open the door, verify the legal intelligent access entrance and exit

Sweep time payment is successful or authentication is valid time output

The scan payment is successful or the authentication is valid

Automatic removal of goods after successful payment

The consumption scenario payment successfully enters the scenario itself