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Smart Campus Platform

With the development and construction of smart campus and safe campus, realizing campus safety management, purifying campus learning environment, maintaining good order of work and life, promoting home-school information interaction and improving social concern for campus learning and life have become the urgent needs of school development and construction. Day hon wisdom campus platform cloud with wisdom as the top level architecture design, cloud server as the core management, application of big data and cloud computing technology, network technology, electronic technology and mobile development, based on a WeChat public platform for the service carrier to build cars in and out of the teachers and students management, traffic management and consumer payment services integrated service platform. The smart campus cloud platform realizes automatic confirmation of passage for work vehicles, reservation for visiting vehicles, and prohibition of irrelevant vehicles; The smart campus access control system enables teachers and students to swipe their faces or cards to enter the campus, visitors to make reservations and scan codes for verification, and irrelevant people are prohibited to enter the campus. Smart campus consumption system realizes card consumption, reservation and direct payment by scanning code. Pay attention to the smart campus cloud platform or home-school communication platform public account to register as a member can receive the dynamic information of students in and out of the campus, view the information of face pictures in and out of the campus, vehicle in and out of the picture record and student consumption and payment information. Rihong Smart Campus cloud platform can not only be applied to single school management, multi-campus management, training institution management, kindergarten management, but also achieve centralized and unified campus management in administrative areas according to the specific requirements of the education department.

Rihong Smart Campus platform system features:

1. The campus cloud platform realizes member registration, identity verification and face collection

2. Smart campus access control system Enables teachers and students to enter the campus freely by swiping their faces or cards during normal hours

3. Smart campus access control system Allows students to apply for leave during class time and approve the application before entering the campus

4. Smart campus access control system Enables visitors to invite visitors, make reservations and approve the appointment before entering the campus

5.home-school Link platform timely push face or card swipe record and picture information to parents

6. Smart campus consumption system realizes the functions of food ordering and consumption payment

7. Home-school Link platform will timely push consumption payment records and picture information to parents

8. Campus cloud platform enables registered vehicles to enter and leave the campus freely during normal hours

9. The campus cloud platform forbiddvehicles from outside during class hours

10. The campus cloud platform realizes vehicle invitation, vehicle reservation and appointment approval before entering and leaving the campus