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Stop guidance system

Parking guidance system, also known as vehicle guidance system, includes parking space guidance system, location guidance system and video guidance system. It is one of the important auxiliary systems of intelligent parking management system. It can guide vehicles into parking areas quickly and accurately, automatically calculate the number of parking Spaces in the area and optimize the parking scheme in the area. Day hon parking guidance system with wisdom cloud platform overall planning design, based on computer management core, adopts the technology of the mobile development integration design, through the wisdom cloud platform management system to realize automatic guided vehicle, parking automatic allocation, vehicles and parking, according to the status update by mobile client timely grasp the usage of parking space and parking information, Orderly and fast guide vehicles to the parking space. Parking guidance system is especially suitable for large commercial complex, transportation hub station and exhibition center parking lot and other occasions. The system is mainly composed of parking detector (including parking light), parking processor, parking display, guidance display, power control box and parking guidance software. The same management terminal of Rihong parking guidance system can manage a maximum of 2016 parking Spaces, which is connected to 63 parking processors. Each parking processor is connected to a maximum of 32 parking detectors, which can be divided into 31 areas for guidance.