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Dispatch management system

With the deepening of the reform of social public resources, the rising cost of vehicle use and the management requirements of safe vehicle use, it is imperative to improve the vehicle management system. Day hon send management system with wisdom cloud platform for top level architecture planning and design as a whole, the core for computer management, USES the mobile development technology, software technology, network technology and intelligent electronic technology integrated development design, car against forces, government agencies, large factories and mines, transportation companies, such as the characteristics of the transport management, There are four management processes: complete dispatch mode of two-level approval of four-step process, standard dispatch mode of first-level approval of three-step process, simple dispatch mode of first-level approval of two-step process and quick dispatch mode of one-step process. Set WeChat car system, mobile phone system and business to send a car system can realize the four management process, every step of the process status through send software, mobile client and push notifications corresponding operator timely reply news, the process is completed automatically inform the applicant and the driver, vehicle departure and return automatically to inform the corresponding administrator. Administrators can check the progress of dispatching vehicles and supervise the use of vehicles through dispatching software or mobile client, including application vehicles, approved vehicles, dispatching vehicles, approved vehicles, leaving vehicles, returning vehicles, late returning vehicles and statistical reports. The application of dispatching management system effectively improves the utilization rate of vehicles, optimizes the allocation of vehicle resources and strictly controls the office cost.