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Vehicle counting system

Rihong vehicle counting system for mining, coal mining, quarrying, warehouses and construction requirements for fixed loading goods vehicles to realize automatic electronic billing, summary, image capture, such as a specific function, with wisdom cloud platform for top level architecture planning and design as a whole, the computer to management of the core, USES the mobile development technology, modern software technology, network technology and intelligent electronic technology integrated development the count of the inspection system, filtering system can accurately identify repeat vehicle information and did not check the identity of the vehicle information. Vehicle counting system including the vehicle count statistics and driver's identity check function, USES the automatic license plate recognition to realize vehicle information collection, driver's identity are verified through the facial recognition, and install outdoor display and voice system at the same time, let the driver or the owner to smart know the loading quantity of the day, every time using image capture can supervise each cargo. The administrator can query all the data records and pictures through the counting software or the mobile client, and the daily, monthly and annual statements of each vehicle can be statistically inquired at any time to provide the original basis for financial accounting. The driver or car owner can grasp the vehicle loading quantity and statistical situation at any time through the mobile client. The vehicle counting system is suitable for coal mine, earthwork mining, important warehouse, construction site and occasions where the vehicle attendance counting is needed.