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Personnel management system

Count and personnel management system includes personnel in and out of control functions, researchers count the main site for wisdom or dangerous chemical production unit requirements strengthen the safe production management of work area and the number of staff arrive, on-the-job, leave timely, effective control of production safety supervision and management departments to provide timely and dynamic management information, image data and statistical reports; The control of entry and exit refers to fire fighting duty, combat troops and factory production line personnel who are not allowed to leave their posts without permission. They can pass through the entrance and exit freely after obtaining permission. Day hon personnel management system to cloud platform for top level architecture planning and design as a whole, the wisdom to the computer as the management core, adopting mobile development technology, software technology, network technology and intelligent electronic technology integrated development design, use the channel gate as a personnel in and out of the actuator, use facial recognition to the authentication of staff, camera system snap in and out of the picture, a timely dynamic display the number of workers at the site management software automatic statistics personnel quantity report every day. The manager can know the entry, stay and departure situation and statistical information of the workers on the construction site or the unit in detail through the mobile client. The personnel management system is applicable to construction sites, coal enterprises, mines, troops and units with relatively strict management of production safety.