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Wechat public platform

Current WeChat platform has become a public enterprises, businesses, governments, schools and organizations for information collection, information release, brand promotion, product marketing, service, management and implementation and interaction with the exchange of followers of integrated service platform, the attention to live and work related WeChat increasingly number of public access to information resources, realize the work life need the essential way of life. Relying on profound technical precipitation and rich experience accumulation, Rihong technical team conducts in-depth study and precise research and development on wechat public platform. With cloud server as the management core, it applies big data, cloud computing and network technology to realize functional interaction and data interaction with wechat public platform. Through cloud establishment and deployment services, The wechat public platform is used as the carrier to realize various functions and service operations required by smart communities and smart parks. Day hon WeChat public platform to realize the member registration, face acquisition card, car, parking fees, preferential, vehicle dispatching, WeChat WeChat opened, open doors, WeChat by ladder, visitor invitation, visitors booking, booking approval, personnel control, the dining room reservation, consumer pay and message notification and record query images, and other functions. Rihong Technology can also customize the development of wechat public accounts, deploy services and access mobile payment and other functions according to customer needs.

Wechat public platform system features:

1. The public platform realizes member registration, identity verification and face collection

2. The public platform provides monthly parking card and free parking card registration and payment operation

3. Public platforms can realize preferential parking or free parking operation after consumption

4. The public platform realizes vehicle invitation, vehicle reservation and appointment approval operation

5. The public platform realizes the operation of vehicle application, vehicle approval, vehicle dispatch and vehicle approval

6. The public platform realizes the functions of opening the wechat gate, opening the wechat door and taking the wechat ladder

7. The public platform realizes the functions of visitor invitation, visitor appointment and appointment approval

8. The public platform realizes application for leave, application for approval, application for approval and other operations

9. The public platform realizes the functions of food ordering, recharge and payment

10. The public platform can view vehicle records, face brushing records and picture records