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Intelligent parking system

Intelligent parking system is hong science and technology of the latest research results, use wisdom cloud management platform, sets of advanced automatic license plate recognition technology, the Internet and mobile payment technology and mobile technology into an organic whole, apply cutting-edge technology with hon system depth fusion, powerful hardware and software products to develop leading fashion, unique intelligent parking system, Intelligent parking can also be customized according to the user's personalized functional needs. Intelligent parking system functions can meet all the functional requirements of intelligent community, intelligent park parking management, the system is suitable for intelligent community, commercial center, government agencies, schools, factories and mines and other occasions.

Intelligent parking system (RH600) technical parameters

Machine dimensions 1180mm*252mm*136mm

Box body process outside plastic spray standard color light gray and dark gray

Working voltage AC220V/50HZ

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Communication mode TCP/IP and RS485 communication mode

Switching interface relay passive output (output time 1S)

License plate recognition rate daytime recognition rate ≥99.8% nighttime recognition rate ≥99.6%

Identify the speed ≤50 km/h in straight line and ≤30 km/h in curve

Camera parameters 3 million pixels, strong light suppression, automatic shutter, automatic aperture, automatic gain, backlight compensation

The best recognition distance is 3 to 6 meters and the longest focal length can be 10 meters

Support license plate blue, black, yellow, police car, military vehicle and new energy license plate

Intelligent parking system (RH600) features

Intelligent platform supports intelligent cloud services and provides vehicle access records, image information and parking information query

The mobile client supports the mobile terminal to monitor the dynamic information, statistical information and charging information of the parking lot, and supports the mobile terminal to open the gate and pass

Charging standard The charging standard can be flexibly set and you can choose from eight customized charging modes

Payment methods support export charge, central charge, scan code payment, non-inductive payment and other mobile payment methods

Parking discount Commercial parking places can apply for parking discount or free parking for consumers by scanning the code

Parking guidance intelligent parking guidance, realize the nearest automatic allocation of parking space, automatic guidance

Car yard nesting realization of large car yard nesting car field, monthly card and card parked separately

Model recognition adds model recognizer to realize automatic or manual recognition of models

Voice prompt mandarin prompt vehicle admission, vehicle exit, vehicle payment information

Chinese display screen can display license plate information, parking information and self-loading company name and advertising information

Report and management Support personnel information and license plate information through EXCEL form import, report universal query printing function