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Tunnel traffic system

With the continuous advancement of national modernization and the rapid development of transportation infrastructure, intelligent tunnels, intelligent Bridges and underground three-dimensional transportation facilities are continuously constructed, and the corresponding intelligent traffic management system arises at the right moment. Rihong Intelligent tunnel traffic system, aiming at the operation characteristics of time-sharing, lane splitting and orderly and fast passage of various types of vehicles in the scenarios of intelligent tunnel, intelligent bridge, basement channel and three-dimensional channel, takes intelligent cloud platform as the top-level architecture and computer as the management core. Using modern software technology, license plate recognition technology, network technology and intelligent electronic technology integrated development design, set up the ground sense coil to collect traffic information, installation of license plate recognition instrument capture image, set up a traffic light to provide vehicle lane guidance, hanging screen and voice system provide warnings or guidance information for vehicles and pedestrians, The background management software automatically analyzes and calculates the characteristics of traffic flow data and constantly optimizes the efficiency of operation management to achieve safe, orderly and fast passage. The tunnel traffic system can realize remote management, data query, instruction delivery and function setting. It can also realize linkage and unified comprehensive management with intelligent parking system, intelligent bayonet snap system and single-channel traffic light system. Intelligent tunnel traffic system is widely used in intelligent tunnel, intelligent bridge, basement passage, urban complex and three-dimensional parking garage.