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Lane controller

Lane controller is auxiliary equipment, parking management system is mainly used for coordination of lane two-way traffic pass, accurate identification of in and out of the vehicle and the direction of traffic flow, traffic signals of the automatic control coordination, can realize the car follow up counting process, two-way car to remind or alarm automatically processing, identification of channel is the manual control car automatic reset or reset. Reset time is adjustable from 10 to 80 seconds. The value of the middle 3 bits of 8421 code of the motherboard SW1 multiplied by 10 is equal to the reset time. The product is suitable for the use of single access lane control system in underground garage of parking lot.

Lane controller (RH851) technical parameters

Machine size 136mm*136mm*20mm

The external material is installed in the power control box

Working voltage 12V/500mA

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Communication mode RS485

Input interface two inputs, both connected to the vehicle detector signal output

Output interface 2 output, 1 traffic light, 1 alarm