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Intelligent camp system

With the increasing development of science and technology, military reform with Chinese characteristics is constantly advancing. Facing the call of new systems, new functions and new missions, it is urgent to strengthen the construction of intelligent, information and digital barracks. Rihong Technology has long been concerned about the needs of national modernization development and construction and the construction of smart barracks. Combining the company's own scientific and technological level and features of hardware and software technology, Rihong Technology has carried out comprehensive and systematic planning and design for the integrated management system of smart camp. Rihong Intelligent camp integrated management system integrates the latest military management ideas, takes the intelligent platform as the top structure for overall planning and design, takes the computer as the management core, integrates modern software technology, license plate recognition technology, face recognition technology, network image technology and intelligent electronic technology integrated development, and centrally builds an integrated, information and intelligent camp management and control platform. Real-time collection, accurate identification, data analysis and early warning control of information on the camp environment, personnel, vehicles, goods, important equipment and infrastructure are realized, so as to provide efficient management, scientific decision-making, safety prevention, precise logistics support and convenient public services for the camp. The intelligent camp management system includes personnel data management, vehicle data management, personnel authority management, vehicle authority management, personnel departure management, vehicle dispatch management and personnel vehicle access information real-time collection and automatic statistics, providing important logistics support for the daily work, life, training and combat readiness of the camp.