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Floor controller

RH621 Floor controller, also known as elevator floor control board or non-destructive elevator control board, is the executive organ of the elevator control system and directly controls the elevator to the specified floor. Determine the output wiring mode according to the ladder controller Settings.

Floor controller (RH621) technical parameters

Machine size: 136mm*136mm*32mm

Shape material rectangular plastic shell

Operating voltage 12V/2A (including ladder reader)

Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃ humidity ≤95% without condensation

Communication mode RS485 communication mode

The number of floors is controlled by series connection mode for 16 floors, and by parallel connection mode and series combination connection mode for 8 floors

Output mode relay contact passive output, support series and parallel combination connection mode

Maintenance interface floor controller can access maintenance or fire switch directly rastore the use of elevator keys

The visitor function and the floor decoder are connected to realize the opening of the visitor floor and the mobile phone code scanning to control the visitor floor