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Face recognition ladder

RH605 is the front end of binocular living face recognition elevator control system or face elevator riding system, realizing face brushing or non-inductive elevator riding system. The recognition result is output to intelligent elevator controller or floor controller for floor lighting and release the corresponding floor permission, and the record and capture pictures are uploaded to the management center of face elevator control system. This product is suitable for business offices, high-end hotels, financial centers and conference centers and other important business places.

Face recognition ladder control (RH605) technical parameters

Machine size 240mm*128mm*28mm

Exterior material aluminum alloy bottom shell

Operating voltage 12V/3A (lock not included)

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Communication mode TCP/IP

Face recognition rate ≥99%

Identification time ≤1S

Identification Angle Rotation Angle < 25° elevation Angle < 25°

The identification distance is 0.5 to 2M

The maximum capacity is 10,000

Camera parameters 2 million pixels, strong light suppression, backlight compensation

Screen size 7 inches

Door lock output relay passive output (electric lock or magnetic lock can be controlled, need to add lock controller)

Installation mode Wall hanging or column fixed