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Single door controller

RH561 type access control is a smart single-door controller, which is used to identify users' identity and permission information with qr code reader, face recognition device or card reader, so that legitimate users can pass and capture image information automatically. It is suitable for use at the gate of the community with high security, office and other occasions.

Intelligent single gate controller (RH561) technical parameters

Machine size: 136mm*136mm*32mm

Shape material rectangular plastic shell

Operating voltage 12V/500mA (excluding lock)

Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃ humidity ≤95% without condensation

Card type IC card and ID card

Reading and writing distance IC card ≤50mm ID card 50mm ~ 100mm

Communication mode TCP/IP and RS485 dual communication mode

Wigan interface 2 standard wigan interface, two - way read cartoon line

Input interface door button and door magnetic detection each have 1 channel input

Door lock output 1 relay passive output (both electric and magnetic locks can be controlled)

Intelligent single - door controller (RH561) features

Smart platform supports smart cloud service, providing door opening record and image information query

The mobile client supports mobile phone scanning to open the door, and supports users to upload and update face information

Face recognition support face recognition pass, support to import face information, support to download face information

Network mode supports the use of WIFI, LAN, Internet door

Working mode can work online and offline, card reader can use WG26 interface and 485 two types

Authorization can be online or offline card registration or mobile phone users

The ID card can be downloaded after the delay, and the software can automatically report the loss of the card

Time slot setting supports 5 time slots per day, which can be set to normally open, normally closed, or with a card

Week Settings support setting the way the week works, which can be set to normally open, normally closed, or with a card

Holiday Settings support setting the holiday to work, can be set to normally open, normally closed, or use a card

The door opening delay is adjustable from 1 to 60S

Personnel management online management