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Double door controller

RH562 access control is a smart dual-door cloud controller or cloud access control controller. It is used with two-dimensional code reader, face recognition device or card reader to identify user identity and permission information. Legitimate users will automatically verify their passage and capture images, and access records and image information will be automatically uploaded to the smart cloud access management system center. Intelligent double-door cloud controller is suitable for high security residential gate, office and remote control doors and other occasions.

Technical specifications of dual-door controller (RH562)

Machine size 136mm*136mm*32mm

Shape material rectangular plastic shell

Operating voltage 12V/500mA (lock not included)

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Card type IC card and ID card

Read/write distance IC card ≤50mm ID card 50-100 mm

Communication mode TCP/IP and RS485 dual communication mode

Wigan interface Two standard Wigan interfaces for reading cartoon lines in one direction

Input interface Exit button and door magnetic detection have two inputs respectively to control door lock 1 and door lock 2

Door lock output 2 relay passive output (electric lock or magnetic lock can be controlled)

Dual-door controller (RH562) features

The smart platform supports smart cloud services and provides door opening records and image information query

Mobile client support mobile phone scan code to open the door, support users to upload updated face information

Face recognition support face recognition pass, support a key to import face information, support a key to download face information

Network mode Open the door using WIFI, LAN, and Internet

Working mode can work online and offline, the card reader can use WG26 interface and 485 two types

You can register card or mobile phone users online or offline

Delay loss reporting ID cards can be collectively delayed download, and the software automatically realizes card loss reporting

Time segment Setting You can set five time segments per day, which can be normally open, normally closed, or by card

Week Setting You can set the working mode of a week. You can set it to NORMALLY open, normally closed, or by card

Holiday Settings You can set the working mode of a holiday. You can set it to normally open, normally closed, or using a card

Door opening delay The door opening delay can be adjusted from 1 to 60 seconds

Personnel management online management support personnel photo check and video image capture