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Embedded access control

RH502 is an embedded access control module. It provides general access control functions and provides IC or ID options. The product is small in size and can be embedded into all kinds of intercom access control machine or channel gate. It is suitable for the use of unit building and channel management equipment.

Technical specifications of embedded access control (RH502)

Machine size 72mm*45mm*24mm

External materials are not packaged in case

Operating voltage 12V/500mA (lock not included)

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Card type IC card and ID card

Read/write distance IC card ≤50mm ID card 50-100 mm

Communication mode RS485 communication mode

Input interface Exit button and door magnetic detection each have one input

Door lock output relay passive output (electric lock or magnetic lock can be controlled, need to add lock controller)