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Face recognition access control

RH505 live binocular face recognition integrated access control machine, equipped with conventional access control functions, can also be used for intelligent access control and intelligent ladder control face recognition front end, output the recognition results to the access control controller or ladder controller for door opening operation or floor output. This product is suitable for schools, shopping malls, communities, hotels, office buildings, public services and other places where face access control is needed.

Face recognition access control (RH505) technical parameters

Machine size: 240mm*128mm*28mm

Shape material aluminum alloy bottom shell

Operating voltage 12V/3A (excluding lock)

Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃ humidity ≤95% without condensation

Communication mode TCP/IP

Face recognition rate ≥99%

Identification time ≤1S

Identify Angle rotation Angle < 25° pitch Angle < 25°

Identification distance 0.5 ~ 2M

The maximum capacity is 20,000

Camera parameters 2 million pixels, strong light suppression, backlight compensation

The screen size is 7 inches

Passive output of door lock output relay (both electric and magnetic locks can be controlled, lock controller should be added)

Mounting method: wall hanging or column fixation