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The rounded pendulum brake

With the continuous development of modern society, commercial activities in public places are increasingly frequent and the flow of people is very large. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice to regulate the normal flow of people in public places and eliminate security risks by adopting intelligent channel management system. Day hon wisdom channel management by intelligent entrance guard system and brake unit together and become, with wisdom cloud platform for top level architecture planning and design as a whole, the core for computer management, USES the mobile development technology, software technology, network technology, intelligent electronic technology, face recognition technology, qr code, and smart CARDS to read and write technology to integrate information technology development, to realize automatic identification of user identity and authority, automatically provide general service, new users or illegal personnel will be banned to traffic. Smart channel realizes the design concept of "smart passage, convenient and efficient, safe and controllable, and information sharing", so as to ensure the public channel is safe and smooth, users can enter and exit safely, and the environment is more warm. Smart channel management system is suitable for schools, gymnasiums, office buildings, clubs, government offices and factories.

Intelligent channel management system is composed of intelligent cloud platform, access control controller, card reader, face recognition device, qr code reader, gateway gate or gateway gate, mobile client and network system. The channel gate is divided into three roll gate, swing gate, wing gate and turn gate. 

Technical parameters of three - roll brake, swing brake and wing brake

The machine size is 1200mm*280mm*990mm

Shape material 304 stainless steel

Operating voltage 220V/5A

Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃ humidity ≤95% no condensation

Channel width 500 ~ 600mm

Pedestrian speed: 10 ~ 20 people/min

Three - roll brake, swing brake and wing brake

Recognition mode swipe, scan, or face recognition

Anti-clamping function swing gate and wing gate have anti-clamping function

Alarm function to force the alarm

The state of passage is indicated and counted by the light of the passage direction