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Traffic flow controller

The vehicle flow meter, also known as the vehicle flow collector, is the latest research and development achievement of Rihong Technology. It adopts the latest 32-bit ARM processor architecture, integrates advanced traffic flow recognition algorithm, license plate recognition technology and network communication technology to interact the collected traffic flow or license plate information with the intelligent cloud platform in real time. The cloud platform automatically calculates and calculates the current traffic flow information of each parking area or each parking lot and pushes the data of empty parking Spaces to the cloud display screen for real-time display. The vehicle flow meter can be connected to the cloud via wired broadband or 4G wireless network, providing flexible choice for equipment installation. Vehicle flow can be collected in two ways: ground sense collection and license plate recognition collection. Ground sense collection only provides vehicle flow information, while license plate recognition collection provides vehicle flow and license plate information. Vehicle flow meter is widely used in central urban areas and smart city projects, providing data support for smart city management and operation, alleviating urban road congestion, optimizing traffic travel in the area and urban parking guidance system.

Vehicle flow meter (RH856) technical parameters

Machine size 136mm*136mm*32mm

Shape material rectangular plastic shell

Operating voltage 12V/1000mA

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Main processor 32-bit ARM processor

Cloud on hardware supports cloud on wired broadband or wireless 4G network

Communication mode TCP/IP

Ground sense input Two ground sense signal input including direction identification function

License plate input 485 receives license plate recognition results