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Communication converter

Cloud screen display, also called road is hon of latest science and technology research and development, using the latest 32-bit ARM processor architecture, set the advanced display algorithm, font typesetting technology, network communication technology, real-time information interaction with wisdom cloud platform, cloud platform shall notify pushed to the latest information on parking or advertising display real-time update the display. The cloud display can be connected to the cloud through wired broadband or 4G wireless network, providing flexible choice for device installation. When the cloud display is used for parking space display, the area name can be automatically configured remotely, the number of parking Spaces can be modified by mobile phone, and the driving direction arrow can be set by controlling the dip code of the card. When the cloud display is used to display advertising notice, it can send a limited number of words of notice content through the mobile phone. Cloud display screen and road display screen are widely used in central urban areas, transportation hubs, main traffic lines and smart parking projects, providing accurate navigation guidance for smart city management and operation, alleviating urban road congestion and inducing urban parking.

Cloud display screen (RH836) technical parameters

Machine size 1920mm*1600mm*185mm size according to customer requirements

Installation mode Customized steel frame on site

Working voltage AC220V/50HZ

Operating temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C Humidity ≤95% No condensation

Cloud on hardware supports cloud on wired broadband or wireless 4G network

Communication mode TCP/IP

Parking display automatically get parking information refresh

Advertisement notification The mobile phone sends two advertisement notifications to display alternately