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Standard attendance machine

RH671 standard attendance machine with face recognition instrument or card reader is used to collect attendance information in two types: IC and ID. It is compatible with access control function, with LCD display and keyboard operation, with humanized display and rich keyboard setting function.

Standard attendance machine (RH671) technical parameters

The machine size is 180mm*108mm*35mm

Outer material ABS ivory shell

Operating voltage 12V/500mA (excluding lock)

Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃ humidity ≤95% without condensation

Card type IC card and ID card

Reading and writing distance IC card ≤50mm ID card 50mm ~ 100mm

Communication mode TCP/IP and RS485 dual communication mode

Display mode blue screen 32 Chinese characters LCD

Input interface door button and door magnetic detection each have 1 channel input

Passive output of door lock output relay (both electric and magnetic locks can be controlled, lock controller should be added)

Standard attendance machine (RH671) features

Smart platform supports smart cloud services, providing attendance records, image information query

The mobile client supports the mobile client to query the attendance information, and supports the user to upload and update the face information

Face recognition supports face recognition attendance, one-key import of face information, and one-key download of face information

Network mode supports mobile clients to use WIFI attendance

Compatible access control compatible access control function

LCD IC card can display the name of the user

Keyboard operation is simple keyboard can set attendance machine parameters and query records

Flexible shift setting and attendance setting

Statistical function fast statistical processing of large data information

Report function to customize the output of various attendance reports