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Table consumption machine

RH681 desktop consumer has two types: IC and ID. IC can be used online or offline, while ID can only be used online. There are a variety of consumption models to provide choice Settings, to adapt to a variety of occasions. According to the function set consumption machine can also be set as a recharge machine to use. Open the door signal output after successful consumption card swiping, can be used with channel equipment linkage.

Table consumer (RH681) technical parameters

Machine size: 198mm*128mm*42mm

Outer material ABS ivory shell

Operating voltage: 12V/500mA

Working environment temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃ humidity ≤95% without condensation

Communication mode TCP/IP and RS485 dual communication mode

Passive output of open output relay

Display mode double group single row digital display

Spare batteries can be added to spare batteries for use during power outages

Card type IC card and ID card

Reading and writing distance IC card ≤50mm ID card 50mm ~ 100mm

Issuing capacity IC card unlimited ID card 3000

The recording capacity is 3000

Desktop consumer (RH681) features

Smart platform supports smart cloud services, providing consumption records, image information query

Mobile client support mobile phone query my consumption information, administrator query all information

Consumption mode has four consumption modes: unit price, classification, fixed value and recording, which are suitable for various occasions

Digital display can display date and time, consumption amount, remaining amount and other information

Keyboard operation is simple keyboard can set consumer machine parameters and query records

Time frame setting flexible consumption time frame setting

Recharge function the consumption machine can recharge the card through the operator's Settings, and the ID card can be collectively recharged without CARDS

Statistics function automatic statistics balance consumption report

Report function customizes the output of various consumption reports